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Be prepared for unexpected accidents

Accident Front
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Again I've got an traffic accident in winter, but it's not my fault this time. Now it's being investigated and would be an action at court...

I drove out from the parking lot of my office. The first traffic light was red, so I waited at the end of line of several cars. All of sudden, somebody hit my car from the back and I hit another car in front, in response to the smash.

Nobody was injured. In fact, right after that accident, I felt a light backache, but now I don't feel any pain after some excercise. Think daily physical excercise helped a lot, otherwise I would smash my head to somewhere.

Now the car is in a garage to be inspected by expert from my insurance company. As far as the repair garage estimated, it seems to cost about 7000 euro that is almost equivalent with market price of the same grade car.

Fortunately I have "legal aid" to hire a lawyer in action at coart. Since I don't want to pay any to repair, neither I don't lose the car, I would use the legal aid to organize the complete amount to recover everything.

It seems taking long time to conclude it...

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Trip to Japan
It's mottainai if unwanted things occupies much space at home.

I'm going to Japan for a week from today. I'll be staying in a very surburb area from Tokyo, where I can't expect to be intrested in so much things. I'll be with my colleague who has never been to Tokyo, so all I can do is helping him during his first trip to Japan.

I'm taking unwanted underwears to Japan because there might be no time to wash them. I'll just dump used one and wear another everyday. Beside I would buy new ones there, so that the underwears will be replaced with new one. Japanese underwear is quite confortable maybe because of good textile technologie.

I'm looking forward nothing more. I'll be busy in the plane to Japan by making a presentation data, which makes me quite nervous.
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What is an Ekiden?

Ekiden Track
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Together with three colleagues, I joined to "Rabo Amstelveen Ekiden", and finished third out of 17 teams. Although the total number of participents was not so many, it was so confortable to get the medal on the podium when we were commended.

The team that finished second last year came the first this year. They are a family and is consisted by the father and the kids. They are still young. It seems quite difficult to beat them next year. However it's so "Mottainai" to give it up easily, so I would have it as an object for 2006 in secrecy :P.

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Viewing from the opposite side
Very cool illusion

When gazing the running pink dot, it can see only in pink. But after gazing the cross in the center the running dot turns into Green, the complementary pink. It's easy to see but needs some power and time to change the view.

It suggests me something like people needs some time and some power to understand somebody who has the opposite view. Not to stick into own thoughts, but having the same view must help understanding the others, I believe.
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Apple coffee

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It's "Mottainai", if I forget brilliant thing that is invented on my own.

Today I put some Calvados in Coffee by just a curiocity. However the result is more than the expectation. Flavour from the cup smells like a well-matured apple. Of course taste of the coffee is not like apple as most of calvados don't. But the flavour is enough as I would name "Apple coffee"!

I'm sure that I'm be into it for several weeks from now.

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