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No more Front-end process?
Japanese Full IME with Ajax

If people who want to write Japanese didn't realize the new technology that enable transforming into Japanese characters without installing any software on own PC, it might be "Mottainai".

To be honest, I'm quite shocked with this deliverable that is created by Mr.Taku. (his own blog in Japanese) Japanese charactor input system, which is used to be called as "Front-end process", becomes a "Back-end process" with Ajax!
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Ajax is leading! not a football news...
If people don't notice a new technology that can boost the perfomance without the extra cost, it might be "Mottainai".

Until now, a name "Ajax" only reminds me a pro-football team in Amsterdam or name of a cleaning material brand.

Today A blog introduced Ajax as an leading technology, which stands for "Asynchronous JavaScript + XML". However it's not that new because Ajax is a grand sum of conventional technologies such as XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest. So it's not a newcomer, but a revival.

But don't look it down. I'm sure you'll be impressed after looking at those sites. So let's give it a try the following sites!

Google Maps
No need comment. The first draggable map without any plugin.

Google Suggest
The candidate options are shown in pull-down menu with the hit count.

Google local
Candidate shops in the designated area shown with pop-up notes.

Visitor log for Thought of Mottainai
Using Google Map, it shows origin of last 10 visiter to my site.
In the search result window, the relative info also come up right after checking the option box such as images, books or from wikipedia. Diamond Search
As changing the search criteria, the search result comes up on the small window right away.
Ajax-based online scheduler.
Hard to describe, but let's say it's an online desktop!

Those are all interesting, aren't they?

Playing with those sites, you should find that the objects on screen can be moved without refreshing the whole screen. Comparing to those using like flash or Java platform, the apparent responce speed is completely faster.

I believe this technology should become a big boom next few years in web creater's field. So I can expect more performance without extra investment of hardware.

Gosh! I should sleep! It's 1:00AM here in Amsterdam.
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Share iCal in LAN
It would be "Mottainai" if people don't realize a possibility to integrate own PC without any extra cost except time, and ending up to waste the existing resources. This time I'm introducing the way to enable share schedule info on Network.

The technologie is WEBDAV, which is supported by .Mac server. However it costs around 100 Euro per year to obtain the service from Apple. Although it's not the only service from .Mac, I'm not intrested in it so much because I just wanted to share iCalender info, which is a standard of calender format, to share the schedule among my familie.

I found the WEBDAV service is already bundled in Apache 1.3 that is in Mac OS 10.3. However not much people realize it's available with existing OS because it won't be active until the configuration file gets intentionally modified. So I tryed enabling it in LAN at home.

What I did is not just editting httpd.conf file at /etc/httpd/. (I don't mention the detail here because it would be very long article for blog. However I'll tell it when I get a request from someone.) Eventually the attempt is succeeded, and I can share calender info with my family.

Now a days people have own PC at home, and the schedule becomes organized by scheduling application instead of Paper calendar. This technologie can be good substitute than writing items on calender on the wall to share it among family.

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Airfoil for Mac OS X
Rogue Amoeba - Airfoil for Mac OS X

It would be "Mottainai" if advanced technologie could not be used. Therefore I'm introducing Airfoil this time.

Airfoil is to transmit audio data to Airport base station like AirTunes. AirTunes is an extended funtion of iTunes and it enables listening Audio file from ordinary stereo system. I listen on music processed on iMac through Bose speaker system on a remote place. However it cannot transfer any audio signal other than played from iTunes. Airfoil can be an option to play video file like rm file with existing stereo system.

It's not a freeware, but it seems a good solution until Apple releases the identical function.
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Best solution to share small info like post-it
My Protopage

It would be "Mottainai" if advanced technologie could not be used. Therefore I'm introducing Protopage this time.

A mail to pc at home to give a small info like URL is no longer needed! protopage is a solution.

It works like a desktop so people can leave a small memo sheet on own desktop. The memo is just like a post-it on a screen.

It's accessable from any where via internet, so it can be shared desktop if it's set as a contents of active desktop on my Win PC. For iMac it's set as the start page of Firefox. So I can get the memo wherever I am.
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