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Apple coffee

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It's "Mottainai", if I forget brilliant thing that is invented on my own.

Today I put some Calvados in Coffee by just a curiocity. However the result is more than the expectation. Flavour from the cup smells like a well-matured apple. Of course taste of the coffee is not like apple as most of calvados don't. But the flavour is enough as I would name "Apple coffee"!

I'm sure that I'm be into it for several weeks from now.

Posted by Bitte to Metamorphose me at 10/23/2005 08:25:26 PM
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German guide aims to bridge gulf between the sexes - Yahoo! News
German guide aims to bridge gulf between the sexes - Yahoo! News

It would be "Mottainai" if a curious insight could not be known. I'm introducing a news of dictionary that translates German to Men's words! Just click the link above.

Now I feel "I'm too busy to write an article", but does it mean "I'm not in the mood to write it"? mmm... I hope not.
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Green chaud (Hot Green)
When I went to France on March, I had a drink named "Green chaud" that contains a french harb liqueur, Chartreuse. Since I bought me a bottle of the liqueur, I tryed reproducing "Green chaud" at home. However the taste is terrible!
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Japanese hand sushi roll party is fun.
Japanese Sushi Roll Recipe
Nigiri-zushi (hand-pressed sushi) and maki-zushi (sushi roll) are the most commonly eaten sushi and can be served at your home party. But having your guests make their own sushi would be fun!
Yesterday I invited my friends to my house to enjoy "Temaki-zushi party" together. Since temaki-zushi is more home cuisine than Nigiri-zushi, it was interesting for me too. I want to do it again (for me too).

Here I introduce how it is and a shop in Uithoorn.
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Autobacs in France
Do you know Autobacs?

That is a Japanese company selling car accesaries, oils, tires, wheels, auto-audios and so on. The variety of line-up is so huge, so once I enter the shop, it's very hard for me to get out there soon.

I think most of males are intrested in driving and should prefer to be comfortable in the car. But, there is very less Autobacs-like shops in Europa. While Autobacs sells many handy gadgets like many fregrances, autoshops in Europa tend to be extream tune-up shops. So I've been missing Autobacs since I come here.

Today my colleague told me Autobacs in France. As I see their website, the line-up is mostly same with Japan. I must go there, but better go there alone because I don't know how long I stay there.
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