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Sleep well
It would be "Mottainai" if people stay up late and feel too tired to do anything on the next day.

Yes. It's me. I did it again...

Despite the long night, I could gain almost nothing. Just could not leave from PC. Today I've been so tired, and couldn't think deeper about anything. I even couldn't notice the terrible condition.

As I got home, finally I noticed that most of my precious time was wasted by the lazy life cycle of myself. It's too late to notice. How disgusting I am!

No doubt that tomorrow should be one of my precious days as well. So now I need to sleep and to recharge the battery to be energetic tomorrow!! though, I've just eaten my late supper....

Good night.
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True Japan? No!
True Japan | Shibou-ritsu

It would be "Mottainai" if people spend much time being confused by this joke. Now I'm telling you the truth. Just click here.
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For those who wants to know Mottainai.
It would be "Mottainai" if people need to spend much time for idiot.

Just click here...
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PSP may deprave kids absolutely
Call It the PlayStation Porn-Able
Wired News: 02:00 AM Jun. 08, 2005 PT
Forget Final Fantasy... the real killer app for Sony's new PlayStation Portable handheld could be a different kind of fantasy altogether.

Two Japanese publishers of adult DVD video have announced plans to release a selection of their top titles on Sony's Universal Media Disc, or UMD, format, which is currently supported exclusively by the PSP, next month. These aren't shady gray-market items: The eight video discs will be officially licensed by Sony and carry the PSP logo on the package.
My thought of electlic games is that it has a high-risk to harm individual skill and the human interaction because of the magical power attracting people getting into. Moreover it becomes sensual thing on the portable game. Kids can hardly be not intrested in it as well as I am.
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Legitimacy of gamble
The advantages are getting money and happy feeling.
The disadvantages are losing money, disappointing feeling and time spent.

No matter how deeply they consider to win, there is almost none of logic. If there is such a wasting time, we can plan something to do tomorrow.

It's obvious people had better stay away of it, but people tend to go for it. The only reason is a dream of the booty. Each and everytime I get disappointed myself. Sorry I was talking of myself.

I'm never gonna do it again!! It's also an usual line every single time...
Better think of why people can't stop it rather than going to Casino. I have enough practice.
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