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Do you know Uchimizu?
Let's Uchimizu to cool down summer heat

It would be "Mottainai" if Japanese ancient wisdom could not be known by the other countries. This time I'm telling about Uchimizu, an old-fashioned way to cool down summer heat.

"Uchimizu" comes from Japan, meaning "Water sprinkling".

Bringing back my childhood memories, many of my neighbors did "Uchimizu" to pathway that is in front of their house on sunny day. Since I grown up in an old residential zone in a castle town, there were many small pathways around my home. So to me, running on wet pathway was a common sight on hot summer day.

Come to think of it, maybe I found many wet unpaved alleys all over the place because it's an old town like people have kept such a good method. Nowadays people become living in condominium buildings, which has windswept passage mostly coated by plastics, so that they become to lose places to sprinkle water except their own balcony.

But, fortunately people still remembered the ancient wisdom, or maybe the smell of vapor from burned pathway. "Uchimizu" is being introduced to the world now, and it was succeeded cool down 3 degrees around the area in Paris.

Now please visit here to know more about the Japanese wisdom to cool down summer heat. Hope you feel comfortable by the cooled air and the unique smell of vapor after "Uchimizu".
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Knack of English
Although my English is still poor, I found my English becomes absolutely better than ever. Now I can express my feeling in proper grammer and words. Thanks to my daily effort, I'm so glad that myself reaching to what I want to be.
In fact, there is something I bear in mind.
The Master said, 'Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.'
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The Imperial Rescript on Education
In 1890, Emperor Mutsuhito gave "The imperial rescript on education"(教育勅語) to the citizens. Thanks to the empelor, Japanese citizen were able to acquire enough education and culture to make the nation ruled by law.

Although I've never compared the cultural level at the moment and now, the fact is that Japanese eduation level has declined in last decades, which I suppose the cause of recent strange crimes in Japan. Since the "The imperial rescript on education" successfully triggered to improve cultural level, we're supposed to need learning it again. See the sequel for the detail.
The Master said, 'If a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge, so as continually to be acquiring new, he may be a teacher of others.'
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Blog become a business tool
IBM to employees: blog on
May 16, 2005, 7:43 AM PDT
CNET | IBM on Monday issued a company policy on blogging and encouraged its employees to take part.
The above article from shows that IBM blogger Mr. James Snell, a member of the company's software standards strategy group, disclosed in his blog about a new direction to encouraging their employees taking part of blogging. I find this is very nice to catch the trend in the transition of change of public communication route. But looking at my blog...
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Credibility of eye-catching info
I found an information in Japanese, which shows "A US Psychologist insists that Ladies who has big breasts are less intelligent." So I tryed finding the consequence how he evidented his theory, though, it sounds like a joke.
"At (age of) forty, I had no doubts." (though I'm not yet)
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