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Unconfortable feeling with a gcap Campaign
It's quite "Mottainai", if people's heartful thought gets wasted and could not help the people suffering to poverty.

There is a campaign in Japan, which is a part of gcap campaign. The aim can be understood very much, and I want to contribute it if I can. But apparently it's too commercialized as much as a fashion trend, which people just feel like contribution.

Therefore I have an unconfortable feeling like the following image.


Someday the precious thoughts hopefully becomes real help for people who is suffering to poverty.
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The kids have got another mother?
Absent husband returns home ... as a eunuch
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Thu May 5, 2005 08:53 AM ET
An Indian man who left his wife and two young children two years ago shocked his family when he returned home as an eunuch, wearing garish red lipstick, the Asian Age newspaper said Thursday.
I hope the kids would accept the father returned...
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That's why Japanese are always tired
Sleep survey wake-up call to Asia - Tuesday, March 8, 2005 5:05 AM EST (1005 GMT)
SINGAPORE (Reuters) -- People in Asia burn the midnight oil, sleeping later than most Americans and Europeans and then waking up earlier, a global survey on sleep habits has found.
According to this survey, Japanese have least sleeping time in the world. What are they doing instead?
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Anti-Cancer Substance saves Japan?
U-Fucoidan: Anti-Cancer Substance
Konbu (Laminaria ssp.) contains a substance that causes cancer cells to self-destruct. ..... The process by which these cells withered away was self-induced, in that the DNA within each of the cancer cells was broken down by digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. This process is known by the technical term "apoptosis".
Oneday I found an Japanese article of the substance "fucoidan" like the above. In fact, after living in Germany and the Netherlands, I found that the local people don't eat seaweeds as much as Japanese do.

But, does it mean cancer is less cause of death in Japan, but Europe?
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If I were a woman, I'd go to Zambia to give my breast milk
Yukan Fuji BLOG - Unamusing Zambian belief of breast milk

Transmission frequency of AIDS virus in Zambia is quite threatening as much as about 10% of the national population gets infected. The rates of life expectancy has been decreased until 37 years old now. So disinfection from AIDS virus for their baby lives is more important there.
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