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Japanese hand sushi roll party is fun.
Japanese Sushi Roll Recipe
Nigiri-zushi (hand-pressed sushi) and maki-zushi (sushi roll) are the most commonly eaten sushi and can be served at your home party. But having your guests make their own sushi would be fun!
Yesterday I invited my friends to my house to enjoy "Temaki-zushi party" together. Since temaki-zushi is more home cuisine than Nigiri-zushi, it was interesting for me too. I want to do it again (for me too).

Here I introduce how it is and a shop in Uithoorn.
That's hand-made though, it's more than enough tasty. We can choose ingredients as you like, so it's quite interesting for Japanese too. You can make your own taste sushi that can hardly be made again, or you can try making the best of best temaki-zushi! Maybe you can compete among companies making the most beautiful sushi?

Anyway I give you some points for temaki-zushi party.

1) Preparation of ingredients
Some Japanese ingredients shop provides the complete package of ingredients for Temaki-zushi, "Temaki-zushi set", which is better than buying variety of fishes. For people living near Amsterdam, it is available at Ozawa Frying Fish in Uithoorn. I find they provide very fresh and tasty fishes (and Uni;sea urchin too!), so please try it from there.

2) Preparation of rice
You must cook Japanese rice (stickey rice). Water is about 10% less than usual to make little harder rice. You should put on rice in a flat kitchinware, and give adequate amount of Sushi-seasoning(Sushi-su). Right after that, cool it down quickly.

3) how to eat
Just wrap it! But there's some little trick to have fun more.
- Put wasabi in it, not in soysauce, to tast more flavour of wasabi.
- Fresh wasabi is absolutely better than powder one. It's sold in tube package.
- Less rice but more ingredients, otherwise you can't wrap it!
- Better preparing rice scoop for everyone.

4) After the party
Even if the ingredients are unfortunately remained, don't throw them away! It's "Mottai-nai"!! You can cook "Zuke-don" using it on the next day. (Of course, it should be preserved cool in refreziater)
What to prepare:
Soy-sauce 150cc, Mirin(Sweet cooking wine) 150cc, Sake 150cc, Dried Shiitake 3 pieces, Kombu(Dried tangle) 10cm x 10cm, Katsuo-bushi(Shaved dried-bonito) 15g
How to cook:
<1> Sauce
a- Put everything except Katuo-bushi in a small pan
b- Cook it at mediam heat until it become a boil
c- If it gets boiled, heat it at low for 2 minutes
d- Stop heating and leave it until it gets cold
e- Filter the liquid to bottle in.
<2> Cook seafoods
a- Put seafoods in the sause for 1-2 minutes
b- Heated fry-pan without oil
c- Grill both side of the seafood on the pan for few seconds.
d- put them on rice in a ball

Bon appetit!
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It was the most delicious sushi we have ever had!
Thank you for your hostitality and beautifull table arrangement! We really enjoyed!

As we want to try to make Temaki-zushi ourselves, your detailed recipie helps a lot! Thanks a lot!

Let us add this, the green-tea-flavored-ice-cream was delicious too!
| Dimitra + Remco | 2005/03/02 5:56 PM |